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KMET LIVE PART ONE: Charlie Brown, Up in Smoke, Physical, 8th Wonder of the World, Whale Song, Constable Savage, Ernest, Beer Barrel Polka, Up your Nose, Mad Laughing Record, Moral Majority Top 40, Lunatics have Taken over the Asylum, Big Bucks, Roast Chicken Faces, I'm Hip, So Bored Jan 10, 1982
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(Added Nov 12, 2023)
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KMET LIVE PART TWO: Carpenter's Greatest Hits, We are Dead, Arm Pit Samba, Bras on 45, Who Committed Mutiny, Swallow my Love, Sit on my Face, Bicycle Seat, Hernia, Acupuncture, San Fernando Valley, Do you Miss New York, Asteroids, I Like, Dead Puppies, Take Off, Pacman, It's Good to be the King Jan 10, 1982
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(Added Nov 12, 2023)
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