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The Official World Wide Dr. Demento Streaming Site
"I'm Dr. Demento and I approve of this Web Site"
Dr. Demento brings MAD MUSIC and CRAZY COMEDY right to your home via the Internet.
Are you tired of those bland, boring radio shows that have caused millions of listeners to become musical zombies over the past few years? Do you just sit around your radio and wish for an audio show that'll make your brain cells rejoice, bounce and DaNcE ?

The Dr Demento Show - your perfect prescription for ear-candy!

An exciting, thrilling and invigorating Internet stream for high powered entertainment . . fast-moving music with brilliant lyrics ...up-to-the-minute topical humor plus the funny songs you treasure from the past...the Dr. Demento Show is your ticket to whimsical, laughably absurd entertainment!

For only $2 - that's about 1/4 of a movie ticket - you get Dr. Demento's latest show, complete -- dozens of songs, many of which you'll find nowhere else, streamed right to your computer. Hang onto your hat...and welcome to the wonderful world of Mad Music and Crazy Comedy, the way Dr. Demento has done it since the 70's!
The very BEST way to get Demented! COMMERCIAL FREE!

A 56K connection or faster is required.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding streaming before you purchase your first show.

IMPORTANT: An MP3 player is required to listen to any of the below shows. Most operating systems include an MP3 player. Some people also choose to install another MP3 player. Our site should work with any MP3 player, but occasional issues have been identified with Winamp and iTunes. Please write the webmaster if you are having problems.
(Please note that you are not purchasing a download but a single performance which is streamed to your computer.
Any offers mentioned in older shows are null and void at this point.)

[ Click Here to Test Your Audio ]

Join the Demento Online Club's crusade for better, mind numbing ear-candy while enjoying MAD MUSIC and CRAZY COMEDY right in your home via the Internet. Dr. Demento presents a NEW show each week, commercial free from the fabulous studio close to the famous "Smogberry trees." Find your favorite shows from the past and present, in high quality 128Kbps stereo for club members!

All shows are available in standard quality 32Kbps mono (equivalent quality to 64Kbps stereo) format, as well as 128Kbps high quality for D.O.C. members only.
Please be aware that some of the older shows although available in high quality format may have less then stellar sound quality due to the age and quality of the original recording. Also, while most shows are stereo for D.O.C. members, a few shows are only available in mono (as indicated).

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Valentine 06 - Love You Ti-Vo, Love in a Suburu, Valentine's Day Song Feb 12, 2006
[ Play List ]
(Added Feb 13, 2006)
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32Kbps mono (64Kbps quality)
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128Kbps stereo
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