The Dr. Demento Show is a radio program filled with funny music and comedy. Dr. Demento is a legendary figure in the Radio Hall of Fame, and continues his legacy today on the internet with a new episode every Saturday! He discovered artists from Weird Al to Luke Ski, songs from Fish Heads to Dead Puppies, comedy sketches from Boot to the Head to Dungeons & Dragons, and repopularized such legendary artists as Spike Jones, Tom Lehrer, Allan Sherman, & Stan Freberg. Episodes focus on diverse subjects: history, Star Trek, food, sports, weather, holidays, and anything you can imagine!

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Here's what's on the latest Dr. Demento Show:
Show date: Feb 22, 2020 Click here to listen.

HAWAII 2008: Today I have a tropical treat for your February - demented tunes from Hawaii and other balmy climes. We also have another de-mo-mentous Year in Dementia, a few songs for Washington's Birthday, and I'll discuss two, that's two brand new books about "Weird Al" Yankovic! (note: the fifth song in the show has a four-letter C-word which is very nasty in the USA, but less so in England, and is specifically used in the British context, which I explain after it plays).

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