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I bought a show, now how do I listen to it?
You should receive an e-mail immediately with details. If you do not get the e-mail, please check your spam folder. For more details, please see this page.

The show does not play correctly, what can I do?
There are two servers available. Please try the alternate server if the main server does not work. See the link in your e-mail for instructions on both servers. If neither work, please contact the webmaster.
If you are a D.O.C. member, go to the preferences page to change which server you are using.

Can I download the shows to my iPod?
Unfortunately, we cannot legally offer podcasts/downloads of the show. Dr. Demento plays a wide variety of songs from many different record labels, most of which do not allow podcasting of their music. Instead, we can offer shows for streaming.

Why can't I stream the shows for free?
We pay royalties for streaming through ASCAP and BMI. These companies license "public performances" of songs, which includes radio and internet streaming. The nominal fee for the stream helps support the cost of licensing.

Is there any way to get the shows onto my iPod for later listening?
There are various ways to capture any internet stream, however we cannot provide support for this. Dedicated listeners will no doubt come up with a way to do this.

Can I buy just one month of Demento Online Club membership?
Please be aware that when you sign up for the Demento Online Club (D.O.C.), you are committing to a subscription that includes an automatic monthly or yearly payment. You can cancel at any time, in which case your account will be active until the end of your current term. If you do not cancel, Paypal will automatically send a payment every month or year.

Are the online archives complete?
We have hundreds of newer and older shows available for streaming on the site. We add new shows every week, based on member requests for which older shows they want to hear. We have a healthy assortment of shows from throughout the entire 40 year history of the program, with additional selections weekly.

How can I be sure the shows will play before I spend my money?
Please use the audio test page to make sure everything will work right. If it doesn't play, you can write the webmaster for assistance. Please include exact details of what happened and any error messages you received.

What do I do if I have a problem playing a show?
You are allowed three attempts to play your purchase, to account for setup problems or temporary network issues. If the show does not play correctly, please write the webmaster for assistance. Please include exact details of what happened and any error messages you received.

How do I hear the high quality streams?
Anyone can purchase the standard quality streams. In addition, the high quality stream of the current show can be purchased by anyone. To hear high quality streams of previous shows, you must join the Demento Online Club.

National Radio Hall Of Famer Dr. Demento celebrated his 40th Anniversary in 2010! Click to hear the two and a half hour celebration!

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