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2011-12-22 15:28:16
From: Dr. Demento
Rhino Discontinues More Dr. Demento CD's
Rhino Records has been severely trimming its CD catalog lately. This unfortunately includes most of the Dr. Demento releases that havenít been discontinued previously. Newly deleted CDís include The Very Best of Dr. Demento and my two Christmas CDís,
Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time and its sequel Holidays In Dementia. The Demento Society has just a handful of Very Best remaining, and expect to receive a very few copies of the Christmas CDís in a week or two. If you ever wanted any of these, best to order immediately!
Dr. Dementoís 20th Anniversary Collection, my best-seller (certified gold by the RIAA) will remain in print, at least for now.

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Previous Replies:
2012-01-10 20:27:51
From: Ygor
Put them in iTunes !
I am a seriously opinionated fan of The Apple Way Of Doing Things. I suggest putting the albums into iTunes. That will preserve them longer that a physical CD.
Just my opinion, and you know that opinions are like strings -- Every yo-yo has one :)