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"I'm Dr. Demento and
I approve of this Web Site"

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2015-09-08 17:40:04
From: Mose
new trailer for Under The Smogberry Trees
Hi all! The Doc wanted me to let you know that there's a spiffy new trailer available for the Dr. Demento movie! Visit http://www.smogberrytreesmovie.com/ and click on "video." Accept no imitations!

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Previous Replies:
2015-09-13 06:22:50
From: Dee Ranged
Looking and sounding good!
Just Watched the new trailer for under the smogberry trees. its looking really good, has a nice flow from artist to artist and a good back bio on the Dr. Have been excited about this project since its start.

one comment lose the FCP wave transition near the beginning.

Gary (ottis)