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"I'm Dr. Demento and
I approve of this Web Site"

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2012-04-08 15:56:40
From: Dr. Demento
More about DeepSouthCon 50
As I've mentioned here and on the show, I'll be appearing at DeepSouthCon50 in Huntsville, Alabama, June 15-17, 2012.
I'll be presenting at least one program (probably my Greatest Hits), signing autographs, posing for pictures, and generally getting demented...and enjoying the convention's great lineup of funny music performers, including Danny Birt, Devo Spice, Steve Goodie, the great Luke Ski, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Power Salad, Carla Ulbrich and Worm Quartet, all of who you've heard on our show.
We will also be presenting the second annual Logan Awards at DeepSouthCon. Named in honor of the late Logan Whitehurst ("The Robot Cat"), these awards will honor the best original comedy songs, song parodies and comedy music videos of 2011.
For more info about DeepSouthCon50 please visit the web site. See you there!

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Previous Replies:
2012-04-18 21:58:01
From: Dr. Demento

John - no, nothing has come in lately. It looks like this campaign may be the nastiest ever, on all sides, and I have a feeling people will be looking for some relief when they seek out my show. I will keep an open mind and see what develops. At some point I will probably do my usual retrospective of campaign songs from the past.

2012-04-09 06:46:46
From: john
Dr D--
Keep hoping you'll find your way to the upper midwest. The baseball show was fun to listen to. There must be enough baseball material to fill several shows. Have you started receiving Election Material regarding BO and MR?