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I approve of this Web Site"

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2012-02-06 19:32:55
From: Dr. Demento
Spike Jones centennial salute, with Dr D in person
Here are the details: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=j48nlwbab&v=001C8QXJYUMj5doYpC6kuEZi6GC-veSNFZdYNr54Ah-K4ISRlW0EHla6Ps9BtOZmbmLPkB3M2OKGQUZJui4c6tx-2eCBKXaArKeFvSYPHqDR0Z7CAERXaM_PQ==

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Previous Replies:
2012-02-10 09:04:47
From: Dr. Demento

The Spike Jones centennial salute in Beverly Hills is sold out.

Kevin - I am not in charge of this event but I will ask if there are any plans for a webcast.
2012-02-08 19:10:02
From: Kevin J
Spike Jones Panel discussion
This appears to be quite a line up to discuss the master of mayhem, Spike Jones. Unfortunately there is o way I can get there for that but I was wondering wil there be a place to go to see a webcast of it after or during the discussion?

Keep his spirit alive.

Kevin from Orland Park