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2011-12-14 11:54:16

Happy 100th Birthday, Spike Jones

The man who turned the novelty record into an art form...creating masterpieces in which every moment of apparent chaos is carefully, painstakingly designed for maximum humor and excitement...Lindley Armstrong "Spike" Jones was born 100 years ago today, December 14, 1911, in Long Beach, California.

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2011-12-20 18:09:04
From: Scott
Spike Jones salute
Doc,I seriously think you should consider doing a full 2-hour ahow devoted to Spike Jones-I know you've stated on more than one occasion that he was the reason you became interested in novelty music-He obviously had a profound impact on "Weird Al" Yankovic among others.
2011-12-16 11:11:16
From: JMYoda

I'm with "john". A 100th birthday salute to Spike Jones covering the whole 2-hour show would be awesome. My earliest Spike Jones memories are "Der Fuehrer's face" (as a grandson of two decorated WWII vets, WWII has always fascinated me.)and a videotape from the library of Spike's TV show that featured a hilarious skit with a "little person" spoofing Liberace. I'm currently awaiting a copy of the 4-cd "Strictly for Music Lovers" Spike Jones compilation and I didn't even know I ordered it on (or well near) his 100th B-day!
2011-12-14 13:03:03
From: john
Spike Jones
Just wondering if you have any thoughts regarding a show (along the lines of the shows completely devoted to the history of Frank Zappa) that celebrates Spike Jones and his belated 100th birthday--complete with interviews you may have done with members of his band.