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2016-09-26 22:57:48

Under the Smogberry Trees

We have learned that Scott and Christy McKenzie, aka Meep Morp Studios, are launching a fund-raising drive on IndieGoGo on or about September 29, 2016 to raise funds to complete their film about Dr. Demento. Please be advised that I do not authorize them to use my voice, name, photograph, likeness, trademark or copyright for their project, and they are not authorized to use those for fundraising. I am not involved with their project.

I continue to work with our crew to complete the true and only authorized Dr. Demento documentary, which can be referenced at

Signed - Barret Hansen, aka Dr. Demento

Previous Replies:
2018-10-22 17:11:18
From: sparky3250
"Under the Smogberry Trees" release date
I recently learned of the making of "Under the Smogberry Trees" documentary. I was wondering when the completion/release is scheduled for?
2016-10-11 23:02:24
From: Harold the Hark
Why's it all a secret?
Why is everyone mum about this? The doctor did seem to support their project with them at the helm at first. So what happened? Whoever is in the right should just spill it out. Tell us what's up. What exactly is the creative difference or whatever kind of difference there is? Thank you.
2016-09-27 08:33:04
From: john
Under the Smogberry Trees
Thanks for clarifying, Dr D!

Keep the smiles coming,