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2015-12-11 18:50:49

Dr Demento on the radio, New Year's Eve

On December 31, from 11 PM to midnight Pacific time, I will be a guest on Jim Svejda's (schvay-da) program on KUSC, 91.5 in Los Angeles or online. I'll be playing some Stan Freberg and some classical spoofs (Spike Jones, etc.) which is appropriate since KUSC is a classical music station. Tune in if you get a chance! -Dr D

Previous Replies:
2015-12-14 06:16:21
From: john
Dr D, I second Kevin.

Any chance Mysterious Mose could post it as a show for listening at a later time?

Will you be doing Reed College in January?
2015-12-12 15:42:56
From: Kevin J
Back to the air waves, if only for an hour!
Here in the Midwest this old dementite will be long asleep by this time, is there a podcast we can catch the next day? Back on the radio, ah, for the days gone past! It fits as classical too!