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2015-12-02 12:55:25

Dr Demento Christmas CD's still available

The Demento Society still has CD's in stock of "Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Of All Time" and "Holidays In Dementia." Orders accepted through December 15! Just visit the Online Store, right here at our web site.

Previous Replies:
2015-12-06 20:09:34
From: Alec
Available Digitally?
Long time acolyte of the Christmas CD; my family had the tape version until it completely wore out, and our CD skips a bit from over a decade of love. With CD players slowly disappearing, was wondering if the GREATEST Christmas Novelty CD of all time will make an appearance on any popular digital music stores or streaming services in the near future? Thanks!
2015-12-03 00:12:59
From: Edwin

Thanks, Doc!