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2014-12-20 12:30:54

Dr Demento on the air New Year's Eve

From 11 PM to midnight New Year's Eve, Dr. Demento will be a guest with Jim Svejda on KUSC-FM, 91.5 in Southern California. KUSC is normally a classical station, but Jim has a tradition of playing comedy on December 31. The station can be heard online at

Previous Replies:
2014-12-20 20:57:43
From: Mar'questor
Time Zone
I naturally presume you mean 11 PM PST, but for Dementoids and Dementites around the world, that would be 7 AM UTC 2015-01-01.
2014-12-20 16:18:38
From: Kevin J
New Year's present
That is a nice way to ring in the new year, Hope to be awake at 1 am when it starts here

Happy Holidays to all Dementites and the Doctor