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2013-04-03 16:39:03

Kickstarter for new Dr Demento documentary is live!

As you may have heard, some very talented people are making a documentary about Dr. Demento! I will be actively participating in this project. Take a look at the demo, and contribute if you like. Thank you from the bottom of my Demented heart!
Click here to contribute.

Previous Replies:
2013-08-13 19:44:56
From: Shawn
I can't wait to see the documentary.
I have been a fan of the Doctor Demento Show since I was in fifth grade in the late 70's...

I have become more attracted to country, blues, jazz, and bluegrass because of it.. I love every single kind of genre of music...

I also believe that if the doctor demento show was a cable channel, it would be more politically correct than MTV... MTV stands for "Music Television", but they only play what is popular to the tweens, teens, and twenty somethings of the current generation and now it is mostly stupid reality shows..

There more music than that MTV ever played..

What about classical, baroque, renaissance, country, blues, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and so on...

My favorite artists/groups/duos are Homer & Jethro, and Spike Jones with Cledus T. Judd and Wierd Al Yankovic coming in tied for second...
2013-04-03 23:13:16
From: Dwaine
The Dr. Doc
I'm in! Good luck with the funding!
2013-04-03 18:10:26
From: Kevin J
Under the Smogberry Trees
Hey Doctor,
I story I cannot wait to hear.
You gave me a memory of a lifetime, maybe this will give the same to others.
I cannot wait for our video conference!
I have a while to think of some great questions.
Everyone should throw a few bucks in the pot if they can, hey give up one beer a week at the bar in the next month and there is $20.
Orland Park, IL
2013-04-03 17:26:26
From: Dr. Al
Documento Project
Looks promising. I've been scoping it out for a couple of weeks now. A story that needs to be told. Multigenerational dementia (not the medical kind thankfully) that chronicals, among other things, popular culture.

Dr. Al