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2012-01-10 20:02:39

Funny 25

Sorry I havenít written for awhile...but I'd like to tie up a few loose ends regarding the 2011 Funny 25.

My scalpel slipped a bit when it came to song #23. "L.A. Dream" by Henry Phillips is number 23. That's the way it's listed, and that's the way it is...but on the actual show I played another song by Henry instead. Just a little slip of the Doctor's scalpel there. To confirm, "L.A. Dream" is #23 on the Funny 25.
Second, listener Lester Norton, who for the past few years has kept a list of the all time top songs on this show, as measured by combining all our different year-end countdowns together, has confirmed that with the 2011 countdown, "Fish Heads" has pulled back out ahead of "Dead Puppies" by a nose as the number one song of all time. (Do fish heads have noses?) Congratulations Barnes & Barnes!

As the Funny 25 show drew nearer, I did notice a bit of ballot box stuffing on our Request a Song page. Naughty naughty! I really do want to keep the process of requesting a song as simple as possible. However, the way the page was set up, it was ridiculously easy to stuff the ballot box without fear of detection. That's why I'm now encouraging people who request songs to enter email addresses.
From now on, you can still request a song without entering your email address. I will take careful note of the request, and if it's appropriate and I haven't just played it recently, it's got a good chance of being heard on the show soon. However, entering your email address does give the request more credence, like you're willing to stand up and tell me you really like that song. I promise, promise, promise, that I won't actually use these addresses for anything except maybe asking you a question about the request, or maybe letting you know when it's going to be played. If you don't want your real name announced on the show, just enter a pseudonym under "Name".

Do keep those requests coming! I've got thousands of songs here just waiting for you to let me know which ones you'd really, or even just kinda, want to hear.

Previous Replies:
2012-01-11 03:34:07
From: Gary
Funny 25
I usually analyze and compare yearly Funny 25 listings a la Casey Kasem. There were 19 new entries, two re-entries, two which went up and two which went down. The two re-entries are old favorites which had not been on the Funny 25 for many years. #21's "The Ballad of Irving" last made the Funny 25 in 1991 and #19's "Amish Paradise" was last on the Funny 25 in 2000. As mentioned on the show, "How Do You Spell Khadafy?" is the oldest new entry at #16 having been first played in 1986. So Khadafi was dying to make the Funny 25.