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The Dr. Demento Show #93-27 - July 4, 1993

The Stars and Stripes Forever - Crazy Rick's Psychadelic Flea Band
Mother Nature - Dan Murphy
Call Any Vegetable - The Mothers of Invention
My Bologna - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Telephone Tag - The Radio Pirates
Like a Suburban Drone - The Capitol Steps
Ain't Got No Home - Clarence "Frogman" Henry
Ballad of Walter Wart (Brrriggett) - The Thorndike Pickledish Choir
Back from the Shadows - The Firesign Theatre

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Demented News With Whimsical Will
Perofessional - The Capitol Steps
Green Garden Hose Part #2 - Brother George Underbrush

The Joy of Sax - The Capitol Steps
To Anacreon in Heaven - John Townley
Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back - Billy Edd Wheeler
The Library - Emo Philips
Comin' Back for More - C.W. McCall

The Stars and Stripes Forever - The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band
Der Fuehrer's Face - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Sound Off - The Capitol Steps
Mr. Custer - Larry Verne

Declaration of Independence - Stan Freberg
Roger Boom - Lawrence Welk Presents Larry Hooper

The Stars and Stripes Forever - The Residents
Kick Ass USA - Milo Tremley
I Love My Dad - Harry Jeremy
#5 Psycho - Jack Kittel

#4 When I Was a Dinosaur - Trout Fishing in America
#3 Up Jurassic Park - Michael H. Price
#2 A Trip to Jurassic Park - Whimsical Will

#1 Da Turdy Point Buck - Bananas at Large
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