From: Annie Sattler <>

The Dr. Demento Show #91-35 - September 1, 1991

[entered from LP playlist]

I Love Me - Mel Blanc
Jesus Loves Me (But He Can't Stand You!) - Austin Lounge Lizards
My Phony Valentine Blues - Bill Dana
The Bird on My Head - David Seville

Along Came Larry - Allan Lieberman
Alphabet Song - The Three Stooges
Silent E - Tom Lehrer
By the Beautiful Sea - Spike Jones
Sidewalk Surfin' - Jan & Dean

Let's Make Love in a Microwave - LaZoo
Peter the Meter Reader - Meri Wilson
Electricity - Jimmy Murphy
The 90's Philosopher - Whimsical Will

The Motorcycle Song - Arlo Guthrie
Trapped in an Elevator with a Mime - Pop Machine
I Remember the Night - The Yardbirds

Ajax Airlines - Hudson & Landry
Heaving on a Jet Plane - Barron Knights
Wait 'Till You Get Them Up in the Air Boys - Billy Murray
Come, Josephine in My Flying Machine - Spike Jones

The Grace L. Ferguson Airline (And Storm Door Co.) - Bob Newhart
I Lost My Heart on a 747 - Tom Paxton

No Smoking - Landry & Biener
L-Y - Tom Lehrer
The Boy I Work With - Ed's Redeeming Qualities
#5 The Baby Zone - Glenn Super
#4 Fast Food - Stevens & Grdnic

#3 Shaving Cream - Dr. Demento & The Benny Bell Orchestra
#2 They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
#1 Werecow - Flippy T. Fishead