The Dr. Demento Show #90-06 - February 11, 1990

Special Topic: silly love songs

Hunger Is From - Ken Nordine
I Love Onions - Susan Christie
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Bill Steele
Bright College Days - Tom Lehrer
Inflationary Language - Victor Borge
Where's The Service? - Pheromones
Galactic Personals - Barry & Sally Childs-Helton
The Little Blue Man - Betty Johnson
I Couldn't Spell !!*@! - Sam The Sham
I'll Flip You Like A Cheese Omelette - Jeff Altman
Frozen Embryos - Three Guys From Hollywood
Saggin' Guts - Old Kids On The Block
Noriega Song - Beckingham Pallace
The Guy From Panama - Screwball Productions
We Like Barney Fife - Guns N' Moses
Silly Love Songs (excerpt) - Wings
Everyone Says I Love You - Groucho Marx
Tapeworm of Love - Brute Force
Rudy Vallee Surprises No. 1 - Rudy Vallee
Love In Bloom - Spike Jones/Bing Crosby
I Hold Your Hand In Mine - Tom Lehrer
Boogie - John Hartford
Neanderthal Man - Hotlegs
You're Not The Only Oyster In The Stew - Fats Waller
I Love Lucy - Desi Arnaz
Everyone Says I Love You - Groucho Marx
D.O.A. - Bloodrock

#5 Junk Food Junkie - Larry Groce
#4 Adam West - Wally Wingert & The Caped Club
#3 Sorry - Chunky A
#2 Dueling Rappers - Alan Gary & Scott Free

#1 The Ballad of Irving - Frank Gallop

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