The Dr. Demento Show #85-30 - July 28, 1985

[entered from LP playlist]

Rocky Meets Moose - The Brass Band
Good Morning America - Joe Piscopo
Cocaine Blues - George Thorogood
Purple Rain - Tom "T-Bone" Stankus

No Anchovies, Please - The J. Geils Band
Fussy Eater - George Carlin

Wrestlemaaania - Bruuuce Kelly
The Lumberjack Song - Monty Python
Sittin' U.S.A. - Scott Fivelsen

Squirrel Nuts - Stuart Paul
Roadkill Fur Fashions - Peter Thierry & Terri Rubinoff
The Thing - Phil Harris
Slime Creatures from Outer Space - "Weird Al" Yankovic
I'm the Urban Spaceman - The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Late Night - Joe Piscopo
Maharajah of Magador - Vaughn Monroe
I Can't Sing - Barry & the Bookbinders

Actors & Athletes Medley - Joan Crawford, Rudolph Valentino, Scott Baio, Wilt Chamberlain, Ernie Banks, and Ron Cey
Musical Snuff Box - Florence Foster Jenkins
Fluffy - Gloria Balsam
I'm Surfin' - George W. Husak
Can I Pawn My Teeth to You - Roy Esser

#5 Big Cock-Roach - Kip Addotta
#4 Pencil Neck Geek - Fred Blassie

#3 The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun - Juile Brown
#2 Yoda - "Weird Al" Yankovic

#1 Last Will and Temperament - The Frantics
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