The Dr. Demento Show #85-21 - May 26, 1985

Special Topic: summertime; possible 100th birthday of Al Jolson

Summertime, Summertime - The Jamies
All Grown Up In California - Stuart Hersh
Summertime Blues - The Flying Lizards

On The Amazon - Don McLean
Nishnabotna - C.W. McCall
There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Lake - Davey "Nose" Bold
Big Cock-Roach - Kip Addotta
I Ran Over All The Smurfs - Illegal Aliens

Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
Humanoid Boogie - The Bonzo Dog Band
Handsome Harry, The Hipster - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
Rank Chick - Buddy Charles

America, My Kind Of Town - Mixed Nuts
Nuts - George Melly
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts - Freddy Martin And His Orchestra; Vocal refrain by Merv Griffin & The Ensemble

Slum Goddess - The Fugs
Babies - Brad Hotchkiss
The Merry Minuet - The Kingston Trio
The World Is Mine (A Duet Featuring Ron & Gorby) - Wally Wingert and The Amazing Skippy

Crumbling Stumbleweeds - Pinkard & Bowden
Maverick - George Thorogood
Al Jolson Medley:

#5 Last Will And Temperament - The Frantics
#4 Yuppie Love - The Unchartables

#3 99 Dead Baboons - Tim Cavanagh
#2 Boogie In Your Butt - Eddie Murphy

#1 Existential Blues, Pt. Too? - Tom "T-Bone" Stankus
next week: (not given)

[Thanks to Chris Mezzolesta for providing this playlist]