The Dr. Demento Show #83-40 - October 2, 1983

Special Topic: television

Chew Tobacco Rag - Spade Cooley
Eye Of The Tiger - Big Daddy

Get Out Those Old Records - Mary Martin & her son Larry [Hagman]
There Is A Tavern In The Town - Wally Cox
This Isn't Our Second Album - Bob & Doug McKenzie

Elizabeth - David Rambo
Who's On First - Abbott & Costello
Van Lingle Mungo - Dave Frishberg
Beatle Barkers Medley - The Woofers & Tweeters Ensemble

T'ain't No Sin - Lee Morse
Fred Allen/Howdy Doody/Milton Berle
Television - Zeke Manners/The Lone Ranger
Along Came Jones - The Coasters
Your Hit Parade/TV Is The Thing (This Year) (excerpt) - Dinah Washington
Ernie Kovacs

Groucho Marx
What Did You Do Before You Had TV? - The Sandpipers/Capt. Kangaroo
Tele-Vee-Shun - Stan Freberg

"Living Color"
The Vidiot - Ken Nordine
My Little Margie/Life Of Riley/I Love Lucy/Dick Van Dyke/Beverly Hillbillies
I'm The Slime - The Mothers
Let's Make A Deal
TVGB's - Tyler Von Jeebes

Soap operas (excerpt)
General Hospi-tale - The Afternoon Delights
Mickey Mouse Club (excerpt)
#5 The Rodeo Song (Beeped) - Showdown
#4 The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop

#3 Boogie In Your Butt - Eddie Murphy
#2 Pencil Neck Geek - Fred Blassie
EXTRA: The Geek's Revenge - Don Noon

#1 Dead Puppies - The Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
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